We perform and offer various type of instrumental music for your event!
  • Solo and Duo live Sitar and tabla instrumental music
  • Trio Sitar instrumental music- Sitar, Tabla and Keyboard or Flute.
  • Violin & Guitar
  • Santur & Fute
  • Bollywood songs in Piano (Bollywood Pianist)
  • Bollywood Fusion band
Above all packages are ideal as a backgound ambience music during wedding or cocktail parties and  drink recptions
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Click here to downloand Kiran Thakrar's Piano Playlist Sample (Old / New Bollywood & Indian Classical)


Track list on MUSIC PLAYER:-
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  1. Padharo- Live Sitar, Tabla & Keyboards Instrumental
  2. Chandan Sa Badan - Bollywood track on Sitar & Tabla
  3. Piano Demo by Kiran Thakrar
  4. Jasne Bahare- Live Vioin & Guitar Duo Instrumental
  5. Kina Sohna - Live Vioin & Guitar Duo Instrumental 

Bollywood Pianist live for ministry of Tourism, Oman